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    Sep 16 th, 2011
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    Factors that Kill a Website’s SE Ranking Part 2

    You just can’t trick search engines easily. Major search engines, especially Google, have been developed to a level that makes it capable of checking your website like a human does.

    Here are more factors that you have to avoid when providing content for your website. These can kill your website’s search engine ranking.

    1. Cloaking

    Cloaking is a stealth technique used by some webmasters by providing an optimized copy to search engines for indexing and serving a different copy to website visitors.

    2. Hidden Text

    Another deceptive method that some webmasters use to trick search engines is the use of hidden text. This is done by placing text into the website which can’t be seen by human eyes, but these are visible to search engines. This is simply accomplished by changing the font color to match the background color of the webpage.

    Black hat webmasters also employ another way to deceive search engines. They hide text by using a single character like a period or dot (.) as a link to increase the link popularity of their website. This technique can result in a website getting banned by search engines.

    3. Broken Links

    This is not actually a deceptive practice. But it can damage your website ranking because search engine spiders do not count abandoned webpages or websites which can’t be accessed.

    4. Lack of Meta Tags

    Meta tags can partly impact the ability of search engines in ranking your website. The lack or absence of Meta tags in the title and description tags of your website is not a factor that can get your website banned by search engines.

    5. Poor Navigation

    A website’s navigation system should be considered to enable search engines to spider efficiently on its webpages. Javascript or flash navigation is not recommended because search engines can not spider javascript menus. You should use conventional navigational methods to have your website indexed by search engines.

    6. Invalid HTML Code

    Using invalid HTML on webpages creates the tendency that search engines won’t be able to follow links.

    7. Keyword Stuffing

    Keyword stuffing is a technique used by content providers by the repetitive use of keywords in the webpages. This is aimed at tricking search engines into believing that the page is relevant. This technique was effective during the early days of the search engines. It is no longer applicable today with the advancement of modern search engine algorithms.

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