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    Sep 16 th, 2011
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    Factors that Kill a Website’s SE Ranking Part 1

    The search engine has become one of the most important aspects in the life of internet users.

    All the websites on the web are vying for the attention of the search engines. This is because being on the top of the search engine results pages gives any website the biggest chance to get the traffic it needs.

    Several techniques have been invented to optimize a website’s presence on the web. But there are still many factors that you have to be aware of before you launch your website because they have the potential to kill your website’s ranking. Here they are:

    1. Low Traffic

    Website traffic is defined as the amount of visitors a website receives. This is one of the factors that search engines consider when determining website ranking and popularity.

    2. Low Value Links

    Search engines, most especially Google put considerable weight on your links with other websites. Linking to low quality websites could prompt Google to perceive your website as having low quality as well. This can adversely affect your search engine ranking.

    3. Inbound Links from Untrusted Sources

    If your website has lots of incoming links from websites which Google or any other search engine considers as untrustworthy, chances are your website’s ranking has a big tendency to decline.

    4. Unreliable Hosting

    Being registered with an unreliable web hosting service provider can damage your ranking. It happens when Google cannot access your website when it performs its “crawling” task.

    5. Black Hat Techniques

    Using techniques which are considered “black hat” in the internet can damage your website’s reputation in the search engines. Some of examples of the black hat technique include keyword stuffing and cloaking. This causes your website to be penalized by Google and other search engines.

    6. Duplicate Titles

    Using the same titles and Meta tags on all the pages within your website won’t do your website any favor. Google favors websites whose pages bear distinct and unique titles.

    7. Unnatural Links

    Unnatural links happen when Google finds out that the same term is used when websites link to yours. It will lead Google to determine that you are attempting to trick it, and penalize your website in the process.


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