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    Jul 30 th, 2012
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    Factors that Help Videos to Effectively Market Your Business

    If you have a business and you want to market it online, you need to include video marketing in your marketing campaign. There are lots of ways to produce marketing videos, but one of the best approaches is to base it on a pattern that can help to present your business in a systematic manner.

    Marketing videos should be brief and compact yet informative and engaging. You should give away as much information about your business in a short time. Long videos can be boring and given the fact that web users are impatient and having short attention spans, they might not have the tolerance to view your videos from start to finish. The ideal length of marketing videos is from two to three minutes.

    Here are some of the ways to market your business with videos:

    1. Interviews

    Make a video of someone interviewing you and asking you questions about your business. This will help to provide your business with a “face” that people can associate with. It can also help facilitate traceability, encourage clients to trust you, and allow you to tell your audience what makes you different from your competitors.

    2. Video Landing Pages

    Video landing pages should be concise and engaging as these are intended to bring your visitor to action. These include giving you their email address, getting a free offer, or subscribing to your newsletter.

    3. Introduction Video

    An introduction video tells viewers who you are, what products or services do your provide, and who you are catering to. This should be limited to three minutes.

    4. Product Demonstration Video

    A product demonstration video is a video recording of a product, its main use, its features, and the benefits it can give to its users. You are allowed to extend your product demonstration videos to as long as eight minutes.

    5. Company Spotlights Video

    Company spotlights videos are videos that show your company’s accomplishments. When doing these videos, you will need verifiable third party citations such as awards and certifications from quality organizations.

    6. Video Blogs

    Video blogs can be done via a “talking head” that allows you to convey your message, or by converting articles into videos or slides.

    7. Testimonial Video

    Videos of client testimonials help to boost your company’s marketing campaigns. With the right questions to answer, your client can give the right statements that can help to reinforce your business.

    These are some of the factors that can make videos effective in promoting your products and services. Use them to create a difference in your sales.


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