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    Mar 5 th, 2011
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    Exploring Other Types Of Web Content

    Your website’s content does not all need to be written, whether by you or others. There are other options, non-written content options, and we are going to explore them here.

    But before going any further, it’s important to note that the search engine robots take note of written content, so be sure to include it as well. This is easily done by adding a few paragraphs either before or after the non-written information.

    Today it’s easy to simply record yourself reading your material or speaking your thoughts on various topics. Set this up as a podcast and you’ve made your auditory visitors happy. Other ideas for podcasts are audio interviews. Contact experts in your field or interesting product creators and ask them questions via Skype and record it with Pamela. Another way to record interviews is with a free or paid conference call service where you and the interviewee dial into a specific phone number with a password and the service will record the interview for you.

    Graphics can really add spice to your written content, but they can also be used occasionally as a primary means of giving information. You can create a picture journal of your recent vacation or your conference meeting and subsequent post-meeting activities. Images can also be used this way to illustrate step-by-step How To info or a plan of action.

    Information graphics, the delivering of data visually, is a rising star in the arena of valuable content delivery methods. Infographics are graphics combined with bar charts, tables, maps, organizational charts, family trees, timelines, flow charts, pyramids and more. This type of analyzed data combined with images makes perfect sense for visual people but you should also add explanation text for others.

    These may need to be made by you or for you exclusively, or you might be able to use those of others’ with proper linking and/or footnote information.

    Video content, while no longer the newest thing, remains a mainstay for blogs. Indeed, some blogs rely heavily on imparting information via video and call themselves vlogs (video blogging). To make all visitors happy though, text should also be included. There is a wide range of information you can give via this medium – selling your own product, screencasting How To, PowerPoint presentation, humor relief, preselling an affiliate product, explaining methods, in-person interview, and more.

    A bonus for you is you don’t have to create all the video yourself. Following proper protocol, you can post available videos via YouTube and similar.

    As you can see, there are options out there for adding non-written content to your site. Not only do these give you some relief from writing, but they enrich your site readers’ experiences.


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