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    Sep 3 rd, 2012
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    Enhance Your Online Presence with These Marketing Ideas

    Online businesses are largely dependent on content marketing for optimum visibility in the virtual market. Excellent content is the ultimate crowd drawer on the web. This is one of the reasons why business websites and blogs need to publish content that attracts human interest.

    Content marketing generally refers to the process of creating and publishing content that is useful, educational, informative or entertaining. It drives people to your website because of its ability to provide site visitors with something that they can benefit from. It helps to bring prospects and customers to your website. The need for targeted traffic has made relevant content a necessary element in the online business.

    Here are some online marketing ideas that you can apply to enhance your presence in the virtual market:

    1. Provide your customers and prospects with an e-newsletter.

    An e-newsletter is something that can make your existing customers and prospects updated with your company news, events, special offers and important tips that are relevant to your business or niche. You should send your newsletter on a regular, predictable schedule. This can help to avoid your newsletter getting labeled as spam.

    2. Develop a white paper.

    Try to discover a problem in your industry and make a thorough research about it. Develop a white paper to address those issues.

    3. Publish a “How To” guide that is relevant to your industry.

    Assemble an informative guide about how things are being done in your industry and publish it as a “How To” guide.

    4. Use your blog to publish publish information that educates its audience.

    You need to compile every educational material related to your industry or niche. Develop them into articles and publish them in your blog. If the topics are long, you can publish them as a series for your readers to read.

    5. Sign up at Squidoo and create “lenses” related to your niche. is a good place to showcase your expertise. The “lenses” that you create in this site can help to generate traffic for your website or blog.

    6. Create an eBook.

    Use what you know about an interesting topic that is relevant to your niche and turn it into an eBook. You can also create an eBook from all the educational topics that you have posted in your blog in the past.

    7. Create a video and post in your web log.

    The power of videos has taken the cyber world by storm. You can enhance your online presence by creating a short video that shares useful or entertaining information that are relevant to your business or industry. You can then submit these videos to video sharing sites like YouTube to make them visible online.

    You should always remember to include your blog or business URL in your video file. This will help your viewers to find your site should they want to know more about your product or service.

    8. Get involved in public speaking engagements.

    You should lookout for local marketing conventions or seminars where you can volunteer to speak about the strategies you have to make your business grow. You should always see to it that you have a business card to distribute to the attendees or the conference.

    These are some of the ways to enhance your presence on the web. You can incorporate these to your marketing plans to improve you potential to drive more traffic for your business.


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