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    Aug 8 th, 2012
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    Elements of Effective SEO Articles

    SEO articles are meant primarily to capture the attention of search engines, and their main purpose is to enhance the visibility of a business or website in the World Wide Web. They are slightly different from other types of articles in structure and objective because they are created to improve the rank of a particular web page.

    SEO articles are aimed to influence search engines. This is because only the search engines have the ability to take a web page to the top of the search engines results page for any particular keyword that the website owner intends to rank. This is the very reason why SEO article writers should follow a particular set of rules to make their written pieces work search engine friendly.

    Here are the factors that make SEO articles effective in catching the attention of search engines:

    1. Strategic Keywords

    Keywords and Keyword phrases are the basic components of SEO articles. They must be a product of thorough and extensive research. This will help to ensure that they are the very words or phrases that your target customers use to search for information on the web. When choosing keywords, you should also see to it that the ones you pick have low competition. This will help to give your website a good place in the search engine rankings.

    You also need to place your keywords in strategic places in your article like the title and a few times in the article body. You need to avoid stuffing your articles with too many keywords as the can trigger search engines to classify your article as spam.

    You should be extra careful in distributing your keywords in your article. A keyword density of three percent would be sufficient to lure the search engines as long as they are strategically located.

    2. Optimized Title and Opening Paragraph

    An optimized title is one that is able to attract search engines. Search friendly titles that contain keywords can make your articles relevant in the eyes of the search engines. To further enhance the power of your articles to attract search engines, infuse your main keywords in the first 50 words of your written content.

    3. Useful Information

    Search engine optimization is a strategy that online marketers and content providers use to attract search engines. This can be obtained easily in SEO article writing. But even though SEO articles are created for this purpose, they should carry useful information to win the interest of human readers.

    Good SEO can do well to bring a website to the top of the search engine rankings, but it can’t convince humans to read content that do not carry value and useful information. It is therefore important for web content to be attractive to search engines and human readers. This will assure your website of a comfortable place in the search results, and genuine traffic that increases its potentials to to make your business grow.


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