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    Sep 22 nd, 2011
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    Effective Online Video Marketing Strategies

    Videos are slowly taking the place of articles in online marketing. Every internet marketer is already aware that a transition is going to happen sooner than later. You can even find that in popular business blogs or sales pages, there is also an embedded video which adds to its marketing appeal.

    YouTube is an example of a great video sharing site where you can get tons of potential traffic. Video is the modern way to market your business online more easily. It is also more engaging. It takes less time from your visitors, yet it gives a more personal touch than the written text.

    Here are three tips which can help you to make effective marketing videos:

    1. Your videos should be interesting

    Whatever platform you use in presenting your marketing piece, you could never catch the interest of your audience if your presentation is boring. You should engage your audience with interesting videos which are informative and useful. With that, you’re not only catching your viewer’s interest, you’re also giving them a reason to share your videos with their social network.

    2. You need to invest a little

    Taking advantage of freebies is a good idea in some areas of business, but in marketing, you’ve got to invest a little in order to get better results. The quality of freebies is inferior compared to paid products or services.

    As a video marketer, you don’t have to spend a fortune on equipment in order to produce quality videos. But you need to invest in a high quality camera, a good microphone, efficient editing software and great lighting in order to produce marketing videos that attract people and help to sell your product or service.

    3. Script your videos

    Scripts are very important in making videos. Even if you are a good actor or a professional video marketer, you need to script your videos to make them flawless before uploading them. Stepping in front of the camera and rambling about your products and services is not just the way to entice your visitors to stay and watch and listen.

    You need to script your video and rehearse it again and again until you have delivered your message perfectly. Remember, your video carries your own personality and that of your product. You don’t have to upload poor quality or unrehearsed videos for the whole world to see. It only makes your product cheap in the eyes of your target customers.


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