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    Aug 15 th, 2011
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    Dos and Don’ts of Writing “About Us” Page in Company Websites

    The “About Us” page has become more of a necessity than hype for company and business websites. It is an opportunity given by your potential customers to talk to them to showcase who the company is, its history, values, goals and the people behind it. It should also provide answers why a potential customer should trust the company and what sets it apart from the rest.

    Customers seldom care about how great a company is; they care more about what a company can do to address their concerns.

    The “Abut Us” page, which puts a human face on a rather impersonal website, can create an opportunity to build a relationship with the company’s potential customers.

    In order to create an effective “About Us” page for your company’s website, here are what you should and shouldn’t do:

    Dos of Writing “About Us” Page

    1. Tell customers who the company is. The “About Us” page puts a human face to the website. Show it to your customers;

    2. Briefly tell the reader what the company can do to address what they care about;

    2. Tell the company’s story, its goals and values and passions. Let your customer see your personality. If you’re a fun company, your “About Me” page should reflect that;

    3. Tell your potential customers what your company stands for;

    4. The page should be easy for your customers to read as well as it must be honest. Welcome site customers and let them in on a personal note;

    5. Keep it short yet concise.

    Don’ts of Writing “About Us” Page

    1. Avoid expounding how you do what you do in the page. Dedicate a separate section for it;

    2. Don’t write thoughtless content that seem like a result of a copy-and-paste job. It only creates a negative impression to customers;

    3. Avoid being “salesy.” You can save the selling for another page.

    4. Avoid boasting. Stick to the facts.

    An “About Us” page basically contains information which tells your potential customer who you are, what you do, and how they can trust you. Different company websites present the “About Us” page in different ways, but they are all geared toward a common goal which is to build trust and a lasting relationship.

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