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    Aug 4 th, 2011
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    Content Writing Strategies that Improve SEO Ranking

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the best tools on the web that enables a website to attract visitors or get traffic. It’s ultimate goal to help your website land on the first five pages of the search engine results.

    Traffic is such an important factor for every website it can actually determine a site’s success of failure. But not all SEO systems are effective because modern search engines have become virtually intelligent it is able to identify sites that deliver value and those that carry nothing but rubbish.

    In order for your website to earn the attention of search engines, the following SEO content tips are suggested:

    1. Write for people – not for search engines

    Whatever niche your blog or website is all about, you should always remember that you are writing for people. People are your end users and not search engines. People are hungry for information on what they care about. Know these and write relevant, informative articles about these for your targeted audience.

    2. Use keyword phrases

    With today’s degree of competition among websites, the use of relevant keyword phrases is the better option than using single words because searchers have become more specific on what information they are trying to find. Most main keywords define the website’s theme with a few related keyword or keyword phrases distributed across a blog post or web content.

    2. Place keywords in strategic locations

    Experts of Search Ending Optimization always say that strategic keyword placement matters in catching the eyes of search engine spiders. Keywords that are placed within the first 90 characters of an article have the best chance of attracting search engines. Repeating these two or three more times in the post without making the article look awkward would make your content more appealing to search engines.

    3. Use links

    Linking to a page in your own website and to the websites of others is a useful tool to improve SEO ranking, as some readers are more likely to follow that link especially if it is relevant to your subject. Linking is building relationship with other sites on the web.

    4. Keep it short and sweet Time is precious and it should not be wasted through reading wordy content that carries very little information. In this age of information brevity and conciseness are still the best approaches in making your readers stay on up to the last paragraph. Remember, the web browser’s most used button is the one that says “Back.”

    5. Keep your site updated

    Web content is food for your readers as well search engines. Maintaining a website is building a relationship with them. You should not lose them with your stale or stinky content.

    Keep your site fresh by posting at least two a week. This way, you are helping search engines find you, for they always take note of your presence when you have something new to say.

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