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    Apr 19 th, 2012
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    Content Syndication Strategies that Generate Traffic

    In the World Wide Web, traffic is a treasure and people are looking at it like a gold mine. Websites and blogs struggle to discover the best strategy to attract it, but competition just seems too stiff. This only makes traffic more difficult to catch.

    One of the most common strategies that people use to drive traffic is content syndication. It is the process of distributing and publishing content on different article directories. It also permits other blogs and websites to publish copyrighted versions of written articles.

    Content syndication is the most effective way to maximize content visibility and exposure.

    Here are two of the most effective syndication strategies to generate traffic:

    1. Submission Articles to Article Directories

    Article directories are websites that accept and publish articles submitted by different authors. These articles, which are categorized into different niches, are offered for reading and reference to the site’s audience.

    Some of them include website owners and bloggers who might be interested in reproducing and republishing some of those articles in their own sites together with your links and resource box.

    Submission of articles to article directories is the oldest yet one of the fastest ways to generate traffic. There are plenty of article directories on the web but you must pick only the best and most popular ones as they have the greatest potential to improve your exposure and save you some time.

    2. Creating Web 2.0 Accounts

    Web 2.0 refers to social media sites which are created for social interaction. You can create an account with several web 2.0 sites and post your contents there to syndicate them on the web.

    These sites are visited daily by millions of people, and having your content placed on these sites can definitely boost its visibility. This is a great way to attract traffic and increase your potential for sales.

    Some of the most popular web 2.0 sites include YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Craigslist, WordPress, IMDB, Photobucket, Flickr, Blogger, Tumbler, and eHow.

    3. Distributing Content through RSS feeds

    RSS or Really Simple Syndication refers to the automatic delivery of content to a computer or mobile device as soon as it is published. It uses an RSS reader to allow the user to see different headlines and summaries of their feeds in one place. It makes the user aware of the latest updates of the sites that he subscribes to. It also eliminates the need to visit the site to see what’s new.

    Many news sites, web logs and business blogs syndicate their contents by way of RSS feeds.

    These are some of the most popular ways to syndicate content. They can greatly help to build your brand, improve your traffic and potential for sales, and expose you to the search engines.


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