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    Aug 8 th, 2012
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    Company Events that Make Good Press Release Topics

    The press release is one of the best search engine optimization strategies to enhance the visibility and exposure of a business. But it is most often set aside as business owners don’t think that their businesses don’t have anything newsworthy to deserve a PR.

    This thinking often leads business owners to focus on having their blogs and web pages updated and filled with content, leaving the possibility of a PR more remote. There are actually many instances and company events that call for a press release, however, the company is not able to take advantage of it for its own good.

    Here are some of the company events that business owners can use as topics for their press releases:

    1. Philanthropic or Charitable Works

    A company that engages in philanthropic or charitable endeavors wins the attention and praise of its community and market. It makes its clients happy knowing that they are dealing with an entity that works to serve its community and to help the needy.

    2. Special Offer, Customer Contest, Raffle or Giveaway

    A company that issues press releases regarding its latest offers, raffles or giveaways will always attract readers. When you create and distribute a press release regarding these company promotions, you should also give copies of these to your affiliates and online partners so they too can post the PR in their own sites to make their readers aware of your company’s offer.

    3. Trade Show Events

    If your company is an active participant of a trade show, you can also issue a press release to let existing customers and business prospects know about it. It can help to increase your web presence and increase your booth visitors when the event takes place.

    4. Product Updates

    Every company has its own consumer base that needs to be informed when your company has new products to releases or it has updates about existing products.

    Your customers will love it when your company keeps them informed about product updates. It makes them feel important.

    5. Upcoming Sale

    People love to read news regarding company special offers and sales. It keeps them aware of the exact time and date when big savings are possible. Keep your customers aware of your company’s discount offer by issuing a press release about it.

    6. Appointment of New Directors of C-Level Staff

    This is great news that your company should issue a press lease about. Many people, especially stakeholders and other entities that your company conducts business with welcome it as news from your company. It is another way of making your presence felt continuously on the virtual market.

    7. Employee Award or Achievement

    When an employee or staff receives an award or recognition from the government or other organizations, be sure to spread the news as press release. It’s a good opportunity to expose your company as an entity that supports excellent individuals.

    There are many other factors that can trigger a press release. These are important company events that capture human interest. These factors greatly help to expose your business not only to humans but to search engines as well.


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