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    Sep 28 th, 2011
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    Characteristics of Good Podcast

    Podcasts are getting a lot of ground on the web. Podcasting is just like blogging. It should be useful, informative and of good quality. Here are a few of the characteristics of a good podcast:

    1. Good Recording Quality

    Recording quality is the most important aspect of a podcast. Nobody wants to listen to a poorly recorded, hard to understand podcast.

    2. Balanced Sound

    Sound balance is another aspect that should be considered carefully especially if you want to add background music to your podcast. You should not allow background music to overpower your main content. It should not be made to take the place your primary content as the focal point of your podcast.

    3. Well Modulated Voice

    A good podcast uses voice inflections to indicate your feelings or emotions. The use of a monotone in your voice does not capture the interest of your listeners. They want to hear the passion in your voice as you discuss about your topic.

    4. No Ramblings

    A good podcast is coherent, concise and free from confusing ramblings that are hard to comprehend. It is a free flow of ideas that stick to the main theme.

    5. Structured

    Like written content, a podcast should be well structured in order to maintain the interest of its listener. It should be created with proper timing for intervals.

    6. Edited Audio

    A good podcast contains clear, well edited audio that does not contain unnecessary background noise which makes it amateurish or unprofessional.

    7. Consistent

    The consistency of a podcast in terms of frequency and theme are very important factors that determine your commitment. A good podcast should follow a consistent frequency of their appearance on your website as your subscribers are expecting it. It shouldn’t also wander away from the format and theme.

    8. Tested URLs

    A good podcast should work properly upon clicking of the feeder icon. Each podcast should be tested after uploading to make sure that it works as expected.

    As an added pointer, you must also subscribe to your own podcast. This will enable you to hear exactly the same thing that your listeners hear. This will also help you to put yourself in the place of your audience. This can help you to improve yourself further.


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