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    Apr 23 rd, 2012
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    Benefits of Paid Web Directory Submission

    Paid web directory submission is one of the most important steps of an effective SEO campaign.

    It is one of the best ways to improve search engine rankings because it involves getting links from quality sites. It is a common understanding on the web that links from authority sites is a great help to boost your site’s popularity in the search engines.

    Web directories are one of the most reliable resources for quality information. They implement standards of quality which make it difficult for spammy websites to get in. This is one of the reasons why search engine spiders love to crawl on them.

    Here are some of the benefits of paid directory submissions:

    1. Approval is quicker.

    People want to see instant results for their efforts. Waiting for approval is one of the hardest things to bear, even if you already know it is imminent. You don’t have to spend too much time to wait for your website to get accepted by web directories – even if you have to pay.

    In business, slow results can be harmful because it can put you behind your competitors who are smarter by employing quicker ways.

    2. Paid website directories are well-managed by their operators.

    One salient benefit of submitting your site via paid directory submissions is the fact that paid web directories are properly supervised, managed and monitored by their owners. This means that these sites are well-taken cared of to prevent spam and to ensure that their standards of quality are maintained.

    This is not to say that free web directories are useless; there are lots of good web directories which are free but they cannot compare to the service of their paid counterparts.

    There are lots of free directories that appear on the web only to fade away after a period of time. You just can’t rely on the staying power of free directories.

    3. Paid directories offer permanent backlinks.

    Getting accepted in paid web directories is one of the surest ways to gain permanent backlinks. Google loves to see permanent backlinks that come from sites which are listed on popular web directories.

    4. They offer one way links to your website.

    Aside from permanent backlinks, submitting to paid web directories also allows your site to receive one way links. These are links that don’t require reciprocal links to another website. They can help to boost your rankings in the search engines.

    5. They offer long-term results for a one-time activity.

    Paid directories are obliged to keep your website link for the entire duration of your pay period – and sometimes beyond. It is the most obvious reason why they can offer long-term results. Free web directories don’t require you to spend for submitting your site to them, but they can be lost after two months of operation.


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