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    Nov 24 th, 2011
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    Basic Principles of Writing for Article Directories

    One of the most common article marketing methods today is writing articles for article directories. The wide audience base that article directories have has played a great role in diverting traffic to numerous websites. Plenty of sales have been made with the help article submission sites.

    There are basic rules of writing for article directories. You should know them because they can help to get your articles accepted by site editors. Here are the basic principles of writing for article directories:

    1. Avoid using all capitals in your title

    You should avoid using all capitals in any word or phrase in your article most especially the title. It gives the impression that you are shouting.

    2. Don’t use HTML if the site does not allow it

    There are article submission sites which don’t allow the use of HTML codes. You should follow their rules if you want these sites to accept your articles.

    4. Don’t use your content to advertise your product or services

    Article submission is intended to provide information about your niche. It is not meant to advertise products or services. If there’s a need for you to promote a particular product within the body of your article, you must see to it that it is helpful to your readers. Remember to use this only when necessary and when you do, you must be sure that it is within the site’s author guidelines.

    5. Don’t submit press releases to article directories

    Article directories are made to educate people and give them valuable information about a particular subject or niche. Press releases on the other hand, are intended to announce some news about a company or business. Press releases are meant for PR sites. You don’t have to submit them to article directories.

    6. Proofread your articles before submitting them

    Every author wants to earn a good reputation one of the ways to do it is by writing flawless articles. Perfect writing is an indication of a careful, brilliant mind. You should see to it that the articles you submit are free from typos, spelling and grammar mistakes before you hit that submit button. You should proofread it or have it edited by someone else to ensure that the work you want to publish is error free.

    7. Submit original and fresh content

    When people search for information on the web, they want to harvest fresh information. They don’t want stale or copied content which had long been published somewhere else on the web. You should submit unique and original content. It helps to build your reputation and credibility as an author and it can even position you as an expert in your niche.

    8. Follow site policies and rules

    The best principle to live by when submitting articles to article submission sites is to follow their respective rules and policies. It is the only way to get through the prying eyes of site editors.

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