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    Oct 12 th, 2011
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    Basic Guidelines of Writing for Article Directories

    With the advent of the Internet, getting your thoughts published has become easier than what it was more than a decade ago.

    The internet has become a place where article directories abound. Anybody who has the ability to write can have his information published without going through so much scrutiny and waiting time.

    This has given article marketing the cost-effective break of promoting products online. Article marketing has become the easy way to build a brand and get online exposure for products and services. It simply came in the form of free information, tips and how tos which are infused with a paragraph that carries a link that leads readers to a particular website where real business is made.

    Article marketing is all about website and product promotion, but there are certain rules that you have to follow in order to establish credibility and trust with your audience.

    Here are the basic guidelines of writing for article directories. These will make things easier for you as a new article marketer:

    1. Be conscious of the length of your articles

    Your ideas should be able to fill the amount of space that most article directories allocate for your ideas. An article with an average of 500 words would be enough to allow you to present valuable information without being too wordy about it.

    2. Submit your articles in their proper categories

    Article directories classify articles into different categories for proper organization and filing. You should submit your article to its rightful category to get it through human editors which most article directories employ. If you attempt to submit your article to different categories, it will be considered spam and will be rejected.

    3. Read their guidelines

    The best way to have your articles accepted at your very first attempt is to read the article directory guidelines before attempting to make any submission. Most directories have similar guidelines. But they can differ in little things. For example, some directories allow article marketers to promote products using affiliate links while others don’t.

    4. Be professional

    Article marketing is your first step towards a platform that can bring revenue to your pocket. When relaying information, you should be professional with your words. You should remember that anything you say in your writing reflects on your character and your character is a big factor in creating a relationship with your audience. A good relationship builds trust, and trust is the main foundation of good business.

    You should also avoid being salesy. It only drives your readers away.

    4. Avoid overusing keywords

    Keywords are essential in article marketing because they help to bring in traffic. But stuffing your articles with keywords can make it look like spam. Mentioning your keywords three or four times in strategic places would be enough to attract search engines.


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