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    Sep 14 th, 2011
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    Attributes of a Great Article

    A big chunk of the article marketing pie is occupied by traffic. This is composed of site visitors who find your content interesting and informative. Your traffic will soon become part of your captured market when you succeed in winning their trust which is the foundation of a good business relationship.

    Writing great articles is the key to successful article marketing. You should be able to write top notch articles in order to get more attention from your target audience.

    For your additional knowledge, here are some of the attributes of well-written articles:

    1. Excellent Style and Format

    Professional articles include an introduction, a body composed of several short paragraphs and a conclusion. Well-written articles catch the interest of the reader and engage them to read from start to finish. They also motivate readers to take one more step to visit your website.

    2. Short Paragraphs

    Impressive articles are composed of short paragraphs that are easy to read and comprehend. Each paragraph carries a single idea with sentences that relate to each other.

    Well written articles are concise, direct to the point, informative and not too wordy. The true measure of an excellent article is not length but quality.

    3. Great Topics

    Great articles contain great topics. They are not made of senseless fillers just to provide content. They contain well-researched topics aimed at engaging the interest of its readers and providing information that answers their questions.

    4. Factual and Not Confusing

    Brilliant articles present real facts and not hearsay. They give credit to the source of their facts without claiming these as their own. They follow rules and they are very articulate about their topic.

    Great articles speak with authority about its subject matter. Their ideas are free-flowing and conversational, yet coherent. They don’t confuse their readers by jumping from topic to topic, they are focused a particular subject matter, giving their reader as much information as they can.

    Great articles are written by people who know what they are talking about. They provide value to readers, but the information they carry just flow naturally. This builds trust, and readers who are happy with the information remember the website to come back for more.


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