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    Aug 17 th, 2011
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    Aspects of a Good Ad Copy

    A good ad copy plays a major role in the success of a marketing plan.

    Ad copies are expected to generate results which culminate in sales. It must carry credibility, appeal and a power to convince the reader to take action.

    There is no definite formula for a perfect ad copy, but the creation of one is definitely based on a number of factors. But one common goal for writing an ad copy is definite: It should sell.

    Here are some pointers that can help you create an effective ad copy:

    1. Write attention-grabbing headlines

    The headline is the first aspect of your ad copy that draws the interest of your prospect. It is the door that welcomes your readers to the room where your wares are found. It should have these qualities that can entice you reader to stay:

    – It should be interesting – It should mention the product’s most beneficial attribute – It should offer a solution to a pressing problem – It must be easy to read

    2. Let your sales message deliver what your headline promises

    The body of your sales message contains the real package of your offer. It should talk directly to your audience and it should deliver what you promised in the headline. It should contain precise familiar words in short sentences.

    Review your sales message many times. Be sure that it doesn’t fall flat, especially the first few sentences, otherwise, you’ll lose your reader’s attention.

    3. Promote benefits

    One of the first things that prospective customers look for in a product is the benefit they can get from buying it. They must gain something to be compelled to make a decision to buy. Your sales message should capitalize on the benefit your customers can get from buying the product. But you must be sure to deliver that promise.

    4. Offer a guarantee

    A guarantee is serves as a declaration that your product is reliable and that your offer is real. It will give your prospective customers a sense of security for their investment. A money back guarantee, for example, fosters trust. It also gives your reader a certain sense that you are confident about the quality of your product.

    5. Make a call to action

    Every sales copy needs a powerful call to action. This is the final aspect of an ad copy that makes the sale after you have convinced your reader of the benefits of your product.

    If you can draw the interest of your readers, convince them of your product’s benefits and earn their trust, all you need is a good call to action for your ad copy to close a sale.


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