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    Aug 4 th, 2011
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    Article Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Article marketing is one of the most common ways that website managers and owners use to attract traffic. This implies that the quality of your writing is one of the main factors that determine your website’s success or failure.

    One of the best ways to drive traffic into your website or blog is to fill it with credible, informative, original and SEO optimized content.

    But despite the rules and how tos of writing effective online articles that scatter on the web, many online website owners still commit some common mistakes. These mistakes are simple yet they can be fatal to a website because it can only drive traffic away.

    Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when writing online articles:

    1. Use of poor or passive titles

    The title is the show window of your article. It should be compelling and enticing enough to make visitors stay awhile and read on. Poor or passive titles only give your visitors the impression that the article below is just as poorly written as the title itself. This only drives your visitors away.

    2. Spelling and grammatical errors

    Writers are trained to be accurate, coherent and fluent. You will only turn your readers off if you go ahead to publish your story it it’s plagued with unpleasant grammar and spelling errors.

    3. Writing articles that are too “salesy”

    Many people write articles with the objective of promoting sales without knowing that the traffic they are looking for is not going their way. Most sales articles are hyped, one-sided, and self-serving. This actually is not enticing to your visitors at all, because they are there to find unbiased information to educate them and help them decide.

    4. Writing irrelevant content

    Some writers just write to drive traffic, thinking that they can attract search engines by merely stuffing their pages with keywords. This is contrary to what online writing is all about. Web content is intended for people, not for search engines. Your content should deliver value by way of relevant information your readers’ quest for information.

    5. Writing for yourself and not for your audience

    Some writers believe that they can entice visitors by writing what they care about without putting emphasis on what his targeted audience is looking for. It is imperative for an online writer to do a research on what his target audience care about. This will enable him to “capture a ready market” for his articles.

    By following the guidelines for effective online article writing and avoiding these common mistakes, your website certainly has a future. We use the term future here because landing at the top of the search page rankings does not happen in an instant, and getting a large volume of traffic doesn’t happen overnight.


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