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    May 11 th, 2012
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    Article Writing- 3 Factors of Systematized Writing

    Article writing is one of the professions that have made the web teeming with valuable information about any subject known to man. It has in fact become a lucrative profession for many people, especially those who have the skills and passion to write.

    Article writing starts with the conception of a particular topic and the thoughts surrounding it. These thoughts are then organized into a flow of relevant ideas and these ideas become a story or information that carries with it the ability to educate, entertain or call the reader to action.

    For some, writing is a breeze while others see it as a challenge. But writing is generally a skill that can be developed with constant practice and desire for improvement, and a better way to develop that skill is by organizing your work.

    Here are three factors of systematized writing. These can help to make you an efficient article writer:

    1. Prepare a list of the articles you need to work on.

    Before your start your day writing articles, prepare a list of the articles that you need to complete. Put your thoughts in each of those articles together with a simple outline, including an introduction and a conclusion. This can help to keep you on the right track when you are writing the final version of your articles.

    2. Do your research.

    Do your research for articles or topics that require additional information. Write down the information on the list and use it for reference when you are writing your final version of the article.

    This will help you to work continuously without having to search online for new ideas. This will enable you to avoid interruptions when you are in the midst of your writing task.

    3. Set the mood.

    For some writers, having a list is sufficient to propel them off to writing, but there are others who need to pull a trigger in their brains to set in on writing mood. A simple routine like preparing a pen, notebooks and other activities can set them in the mood for writing.

    You can motivate yourself to write by doing a daily routine before you start to work. It can help to set your brain in the mood for the writing tasks ahead.


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