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    Sep 26 th, 2011
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    Advantages of Submitting Blog Posts to Article Directories

    Online businesses are competing heavily to get a fair share of their targeted traffic. This is one of the reasons why webmasters and content providers are working hard to find effective strategies in order to drive a constant stream of traffic for their websites.

    Article marketing is one of the best methods to generate traffic and one way to do it is through blogging. If you’ve been blogging to promote your online business, it could serve you well if you look through your archives and select articles for submission to different article directories. This will greatly help to provide your online business with the traffic it needs.

    Here are some advantages of submitting blog posts to article directories:

    1. Article directories have larger audience base

    Top article directories like ezinearticles are visited by over a million visitors per day. These visitors are all looking for relevant information. By submitting your articles to article directories, they will have a chance of getting read by people who want information about your niche. If your article happens to be published by an ezine publisher with a thousands of subscribers, your website will have a good chance of getting a boost in terms of traffic.

    2. Backlinks help to drive traffic to your website

    Your website’s popularity in the search engines increases as it receives quality backlinks. You should see to it that a working link back to your website is included in the resource box at the bottom of your article. It will lead your readers from the directory to your website.

    3. Article directories help to expose low ranking blog posts

    Even if they are contained in the same website or blog, blog posts do not receive the same amount of traffic. While some posts get read more often, others do not receive much attention. One of the reasons for this is that these blog posts have no links that point to them. In order for these posts to get the attention of the search engines, you have to submit those articles to article directories and link to them in your resource box using hyperlinked keywords. This will help to increase traffic for your blog.


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