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    Oct 4 th, 2011
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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelance Copywriting

    Freelance copywriting is a career that needs creativity and willingness to take risks.

    In today’s world where the sense of financial security is the top priority, many people prefer to get employed to make sure that they get the dollar for their efforts. The sense of job satisfaction has taken the backseat because of financial needs.

    The freelance copywriter on the other hand, is like an artist. He chose to work on his own in pursuit of his passion. The sense of job satisfaction is his priority over his financial needs. And he can experience real job satisfaction once his work is published.

    Like other jobs, freelance copywriting has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Please read on to know them before you embark on a freelance copywriting career:


    1. Flexibility is the most obvious advantage of a freelance copywriting job. It allows you to work on the schedule of your choice. It allows you to make a good balance of your work and social or personal life. It can give you a lot of space and freedom from job related stress and fatigue.

    2. Freelance copywriting guarantees immense job satisfaction especially when your work gets published. It also carries the possibility to carry you to fame if your work stands out above the rest. But then again, there is always a certain degree of risk that you have to take when you choose this path.

    3. Freelance copywriting also gives you the freedom to choose the topics you want to write about. This will give you the opportunity to write on your favorite subject. This will also give you the chance to be at your best because you are writing about your favorite subject matter.


    1. Freelance copywriting cannot guarantee you a fixed income as compensation is based on per project or assignment basis. The volume of your work will also depend on your ability to find projects and close them. Furthermore, you will not receive additional benefits like regular employees do when you choose to become a freelancer.

    2. It is difficult to get credit for your work unless you are an established writer, which takes time and effort to accomplish. Like most jobs, you have to persevere and be consistent with quality work in order to get recognized as a freelance copywriter.

    These are the things you need to consider when you plan to embark on a freelance copywriting career. If you have the passion, creativity and willingness to take risks, a freelance copywriting career might work well for you. But if you prefer financial security over job satisfaction, you should find a regular job where a steady flow of income is guaranteed.


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