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    Aug 17 th, 2011
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    Additional Tips in Making Effective Sales Letter

    Sales letters are measured by the sales they generate.

    In today’s market, competition is not only intense; it is played a global scale. This is because of the power of the internet.

    With the help of technology, particularly the World Wide Web, marketers are able to promote their products and services to a wider audience. This is where copywriters come in with their powerful sales letters.

    Remember, an effective sales letter is one that is able to generate sales. Here are some additional tips in making an effective sales letter:

    1. The AIDA marketing approach

    The basic marketing approach of a lot of effective sales letters is the AIDA formula. It is the acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. An effective sales letter should be able to catch the reader’s attention. It should earn interest otherwise the reader will simply hit the “Back” button and disappear. A sales letter that successfully gets its reader’s attention should also be able to build desire by telling him the benefits he will gain from your product, then, make the call to action by asking your reader to place the order.

    2. Use headlines that create curiosity

    Stimulate your reader’s interest by tickling their curiosity through headlines that will arouse their interest in proceeding to the body of your sales message. Words such as secret, truth behind and discover carry the power that could prompt your reader to read on.

    3. Credibility is the key

    One of the most difficult aspects of selling is the fact that you need to convince people, and it becomes more difficult if you don’t carry enough credibility to back up your claims. In order to make your sales letter more credible, you have to provide it with testimonials, a proof that your product is beneficial by including proofs of income, whenever applicable. You may also include names, contact numbers and email addresses of your references who can attest to the credibility of your sales message.

    4. Emphasize benefits not features

    With the influx of products in the market today, consumers are more interested in products that can benefit them rather than the product’s features. Treat your reader like a friend and talk to him as one. Educate him about your product or service and support it with facts, but don’t try to hard sell. A desire for your product is the best that you can develop in your prospect.

    5. Understand your readers’ wants

    Taking the position of a customer is the best approach to let him know that you understand their wants and needs. This is also the best position to let them understand that you product provides the solutions to their problems.

    6. Make the difference

    Your sales letter should tell what makes your product or offer different from the rest. You should be able to capitalize on a feature of your product or offer that makes it outstanding, like durability, a guarantee, low cost or profitability.


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