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    Dec 17 th, 2011
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    9 Web Sites that Host Video Content

    Video has become a popular way of broadcasting information in the Internet. It has grown to be a very effective vehicle of communication for product marketing, tutorials, movie trailers, personal opinions, comedy clips, events and other messages. This is also made possible by the advent of video sites that host video content.

    Video sites are a great venue for video bloggers, podcasters and video article marketers. These sites can help to expose their work to a wide audience base, get more traffic and improve their online marketing campaign.

    If you are thinking of producing video articles to broadcast yourself on the web, you should know the nine popular video sites that host video content. Please read on to know them.

    1. YouTube

    YouTube is the world’s forerunner in video hosting. It is the most popular video site and it caters to the largest audience base in the world. Most people of all races and nationalities prefer YouTube when they want to watch or upload videos.

    2. Flickr

    Flickr is a popular site for hosting photos, but it also hosts short videos with a maximum playing time of 90 seconds. Short videos are ideal for sales messages. This would be enough to catch the attention of web users. Just be sure to make your videos eye catching and compelling to get traffic from this site’s large subscriber base.

    3. Vimeo

    Vimeo is a site created for creativity and style videos. It caters mostly to people who love the arts. It also features a video school which teaches ways to create good videos.

    4) is interested in videos which are created in the episode type format. This calls for regular posting of high standard content. It also distributes your content to major video sites like YouTube. This increases your video’s potential to catch more traffic.

    There is another good thing about this site; it allows you to sign up for an advertising account with a 50/50 sharing method on the revenue.

    5. Veoh

    Veoh has attracted many viewers and video submitters because it accepts videos of any size. Short clips and full length movies are not uncommon in here.

    6. DailyMotion

    This is a community based video site which accepts videos clips with playing times of less than 20 minutes. Here, you won’t have a hard time finding videos about your favorite topics because it organizes them by categories.

    7. Viddler

    Viddler is the ideal video platform for companies and business establishments. It doesn’t cater much to amateurs.

    8. Metacafe

    This is a short entertainment video site that showcases short form entertainment videos from movies, television, video games, music and sports. Metacafe is visited by more than 40 million unique visitors each month.

    9. yFrog

    yFrog is not just a sports photo sharing site that it is known for; it also supports video. It also owns a feature that allows you to post your video to Twitter. This makes yFrog a step closer to social media than most video sites.


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