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    Feb 13 th, 2012
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    9 Tips for Writing Effective Sales Copies

    Many businesses are willing to pay a huge sum of money for an effective sales copy. This means that they will happily invest in a professional sales copywriter who has a good understanding of effective ways to persuade his audience to move into action.

    Good sales copies can spell the difference in a website’s ability to turn site visitors into paying customers. It’s one of the reasons why many people consider sales copywriting as a promising profession.

    If you are a writer who wants to try it out in sales copywriting, you should know these nine tips which can help you to write effective sales copies:

    1. Use a variation of long and short sentences.

    This will help to give your writing a distinct rhythm. But you should avoid using complex and long sentences as this will make your sales copy hard to understand.

    2. Keep your paragraphs short to hold the interest of your reader.

    Long paragraphs have the tendency to drive your audience to boredom. Limit your paragraphs to three sentences as it can help your reader to make a full grasp of what you’re trying to say.

    3. Write in a friendly and conversational tone.

    You are writing a sales copy to persuade your audience to make a purchase. You should write to them as if you are talking to a friend over a cup of coffee.

    4. Engage your reader further with video or images.

    Using pure text in sales copies can sometimes be monotonous and boring for your prospects to read on. To keep their attention, take them to the next level with a video or some images that can help to make your prospect understand the benefits of using your product.

    5. Know your audience.

    You need to know your audience even before you start to write your sales copy. Doing so will help you to understand their wants and desires. It also enables you to speak their language. Identifying your audience can help you to connect to their emotions and allow you to identify yourself as one of them.

    6. Build rapport with your audience.

    You can do this by letting them know that you were once in the same position that they are in. Identifying yourself as one of them can make it easier for them to empathize with you. This will also help you to put your product in the picture as a solution to their problems.

    7. Precondition your reader to agree with you.

    By opening your sales copy with a question that your prospects will say “yes” to, they will more likely agree with you when you bring up your offer.

    8. Energize your writing with powerful words.

    The use of powerful words such as “breakthrough,” “revealed,” and “dominating” in your sales copy can help to get your prospects’ attention and curiosity.

    9. Make every part of your copy more interesting and emphatic by using sub-headings, bullet points and numberings to break up text.


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