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    Jul 9 th, 2012
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    9 Factors that Make WordPress Sites Ideal for Online Businesses

    Design is one of the most important things that can help to make a business website look professional. Even with the millions of websites that have surfaced on the web, good web design can still make the difference. Poorly designed sites can give the impression that they are created by amateurs, and it would be easy for visitors to leave them on the assumption that their contents are as unappealing as the design itself.

    There are lots of blogging platforms that are available on the web, but WordPress is one of the most popular for business for a lot of reasons.

    Here are some of the most common factors that help to make WordPress sites ideal for online businesses:

    1. Free

    Costs are a normal part of a business, but if you can get something of quality for free, that would be of great help. WordPress is a platform that allows the use of their themes, plugins, widgets and other tools for free.

    2. Search Engine Friendly

    WordPress sites are flexible and one of their most important attributes is their being friendly with the search engines. Search engines play a big role in bringing traffic to a website, and sites that are optimized for the search engines are more likely to succeed.

    3. Social Media Friendly

    Online marketing has taken a big turn with the advent of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. WordPress provides plugins that makes it easy for you to connect your site to your account in social networking sites. This feature enables you to share your content with other people in social media sites.

    4. User Friendly

    WordPress sites are easy to assemble and building them doesn’t require HTML or PHP knowledge. They are pre-coded and all you need to do to assemble one is put its tools and facilities into place.

    5. Easy to Update

    Fresh content is one of the most important elements that help websites generate traffic. WordPress sites are easy to update and it takes only a few minutes to post, check and publish new content.

    6. Extensive Support system

    WordPress has an extensive support system that it only takes a little search to find ready answers to your questions.

    7. Hundreds of Professional Themes and Plugins

    WordPress has hundreds of professionally designed website themes that are offered in a variety of designs and colors. You can choose any of these themes for your use, but you can also customize it to make it unique.

    It also provides lots of plugins that can help to make your site versatile and more flexible.

    8. Easy to Modify

    Being flexible, WordPress sites are easy to change to suit your taste and changing demands of your business. You can easily add or remove plugins and widgets with it.

    9. Blog Ready

    WordPress sites are blog ready because they were originally intended as a blogging platform. But their flexibility has made these sites capable of becoming a business site. This makes WordPress an excellent blog and business website in one.

    These are some of the factors that make WordPress sites ideal for online businesses. They are flexible, easy to use and search engine friendly to help ensure your online success. You can also get them for free.


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