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    Jul 16 th, 2012
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    9 Factors that Make Websites Interesting

    Millions of people visit the web everyday to find information and to look for answers to their current concerns. It has become common practice for people to visit the web before buying new products.

    This is the advantage of businesses that operate websites to promote their products or services. But it is important to note that a website visitor’s attention span is so short that that you only have a few seconds to make them stay. You will need to capture their attention to draw them to your content.

    Here are some of the factors that help to make a website interesting. They can help to make your website generate revenue for your business.

    1. Bold Headlines

    Your headlines should be short and engaging and it must be able to tell the benefits that the visitor can get if he continues to read.

    The short attention span of web users and the availability of hundreds of other sites that offer information on the same niche have made it easier for people to just leave a site and enter another.

    It is therefore important to highlight titles and site the most important benefits the article can give to readers. It can help to convince the visitor to read on.

    2. A Call to Action

    A call to action tells a website visitor what to do next after reading the article. It is one of the last but one of the the most important parts of web content. Every business website needs to have an effective call to action in its content marketing campaigns. It is the part of content that can convert visitors to customers.

    3. Images

    Images help your readers understand your messages better, especially if it’s about a product. Any promotional article that is reinforced by a picture of a product or service is more interesting than content that is made of pure text.

    4. Consistent Branding

    Consistent branding is one way of instilling to your prospects and customers a reputable image of your company or business. Consistency means maintaining a steady look and style of your website in all aspects of your company’s marketing pieces.

    5. Contact Information

    Contact information is a basic requirement for every business website. It allows your customers to make a connection with a business and the people who run it.

    6. Aesthetics and White Spaces

    Websites that attract people at first glance are the ones that use complimentary colors and utilize white spaces to make it easy on the eyes of its visitors.

    7. An Email Sign Up Form

    Allocating a portion that asks visitors to give their email addresses to receive free reports or newsletters is one way of taking them in for future marketing campaigns. If they are not ready to make a purchase that day, they may decide to buy your product after receiving regular emails from your company.

    8. An Interactive Link to Contact Your Company

    An interactive link makes it easy for your prospect to contact your company.

    9. An Interactive Map to the Company Location

    An interactive map that tells people the physical location of your company helps to let your target customers know that your company is authentic. It can help to build trust because it has made you traceable.

    Technology has greatly helped people in their quest for information. You can use this to make your business website attractive to people who are looking are looking for information about your products and services.


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