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    Jul 12 th, 2012
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    9 Elements of Effective Web Videos

    The popularity of videos has made them one of the most effective marketing tools on the web today. The good thing about online marketing is its ability even the playing field between small and bog companies. Web videos for one, have made it possible for small companies to be at par with big corporations in terms of exposure. The thing that matters on the web as a virtual market is your ability to produce content that captures the attention of search engines and humans.

    Here are some of the elements of effective web videos. They can help to enhance your potential for traffic.

    1. They are instant available.

    Technology has made web videos easily accessible. The availability of fast Internet services and the invention of powerful handheld devices that are capable of accessing the web, web videos are instantly available.

    2. They are a potent revenue device.

    Web videos are fast becoming an efficient tool that buyers use to review or preview products that they intend to purchase.

    The continuing growth of the number of people who view videos of products before buying them is an indication of people’s increasing awareness of the importance of videos in their buying plans and decisions.

    3. They are highly in demand.

    Web marketing videos have shown their effectiveness with the traffic and sales results that they generated from the virtual market. It is one of the reasons why product marketers have made it a point to include videos in their marketing campaigns.

    4. The blend well with social media.

    The convenience of web videos is well appreciated by people in social networking sites. The social media has become a big player in the market and it has prompted businesses to include social media sites in their marketing campaigns. Social media sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have played big roles in many web videos that have become viral.

    5. They grab attention better than written text.

    Images capture attention better than text. This is the big advantage that videos have over written articles. People get information more conveniently when they get it through videos rather than through text. It also allows a person to present his information in a quick and entertaining manner, and it has the ability to hold viewer attention longer than written articles do.

    6. Free Promotion

    Posting web videos especially on YouTube and in your own site is free. You don’t have to spend a cent to submit videos that help to promote your business. This is the stage where the playing field between small and big enterprises is even in terms of product promotion.

    7. They are viewed by people of all ages.

    Many people used to think that videos are viewed only by the new generation. But this has been proven wrong by survey results. According to a recent survey conducted by BurstMedia, people between the ages of 35 and 54 view videos as often as young people who fall between the ages of 18 and 25.

    8. They help to create leads.

    Many people who want to obtain information about a particular product or service from the web prefer to get it by watching videos rather than read written articles that contain the same message. This increases your chances of creating leads and generating visitors who are your potential customers.

    9. Videos are favored by search engines.

    Optimized videos that are posted to video sharing sites such as YouTube are over 50 times more likely to be listed at the top pages of the search results than their written counterparts.

    These are the nine most common elements of effective web videos. They can greatly help to expose, drive traffic, and increase your potentials for revenue.


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