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    Feb 5 th, 2012
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    Video has invaded the World Wide Web and it has become one of the best resources to reach out to millions of people today.

    People have come to appreciate video for its ease and convenience of use. It is also getting easier to watch online videos with the advancement of web technology and the advent of smart phones.

    With the success of video on the web, online marketing professionals and content providers could not help but use it as a tool to drive traffic to their websites or promote their products and services. This is where search engine optimization takes the center stage; it is important for your content to be seen so that it can serve its purpose of generating traffic.

    Here are some of the ways to set up your videos for maximum benefit:

    1. Host your own videos.

    Uploading your videos to video sharing sites like YouTube has plenty of benefits. They are free and they can give you lots of traffic at no cost, but they also carry limitations like lower quality, the files are not under your control, and the length of your videos is limited to a few minutes.

    When you host your own videos, everything is under your control. You can determine their quality and length, you don’t have to worry about adverts that appear on top of your videos and the traffic it generates is yours and not that of a video sharing site. But you have to allocate a budget to make it happen. You also need to upload your video to YouTube to increase you chances of generating traffic and get the best of both worlds.

    If you can afford to host your videos, do it for your advantage.

    2. Make your keywords part of the video file name.

    Optimize your video for the search engines by infusing them in its filename. It helps the search engines to place your video in its proper category and make it easier to find.

    3. Produce a video with clear audio tracks.

    You need to make your voice clear for the audience to understand. No matter how valuable your message is to your audience, it won’t be able to catch their interest if they can’t decipher anything from it.

    Another reason why it is important for you to produce video with clear audio tracks is the fact that YouTube is now working on video transcription. It is a new technology that enables the site to index video content.

    4. Be concise and straight to the point.

    Web users have a limited attention span. You should make use of whatever time they can give to your video by conveying your message in a concise, direct and straight to the point manner.

    5. Steer your viewer towards your intended goal.

    Your video content is aimed at conveying information that helps to solve your viewers’ concerns and entertain them in some way. But you have a marketing goal to accomplish which requires you to make a compelling call to action and push them to the conversion point towards the end.

    6. Avoid using date-based content.

    You should refrain from using specific date and time references in your videos unless they’re necessary. These will make your videos out of date in the long in the long run. People have a tendency to loose interest once they realize that the video seems stale.

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