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    May 1 st, 2012
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    8 Writing Jobs for Freelance Writers

    With the advent of the World Wide Web, freelance writing has become a lucrative job. The emergence of millions of websites and web logs have created writing opportunities that enabled mothers, teachers, office workers and professionals to find a way to make money online.

    Online freelance writing is the most sought after work from home job today, but the demand can only be matched by the number of opportunities that are offered on web.

    If you are a freelance writer or if you are contemplating to become one, here are eight writing jobs that you need to consider:

    1. eBook Writer

    eBooks are electronic or online versions of printed books that are sold in bookstores. They are usually shorter than their printed counterparts but they contain the most important information that their topics cover. It takes a lot of time and effort to write an eBook, but it can be financially rewarding.

    2. Content Writer

    Content writers are writers whose main job is to provide the necessary content for websites or blogs. They are employed or hired by website owners who don’t have sufficient time or skill to write content for their own sites.

    3. Essay Writer

    These are writers whose main job is to write scholarly articles on academic or business related topics.

    4. Blogger

    Bloggers are writers who publish their work on their own sites of personal blogs for people to read. Blogging refers to writing and publishing one’s own ideas, opinions and principles and they are more personal in nature.

    Another type of blogging is corporate blogging. It refers to a company’s way of providing content for their web logs for the purpose of reaching out to its customers and prospects.

    5. Forum Poster

    Forum posting is one of the easiest online writing jobs on the web today. It is an interaction between members of a forum site to discuss or exchange information about a common interest. Being a form of conversation, it doesn’t have strict rules in the application of excellent grammar.

    Forum posting can be a good starting job for an aspiring freelance writer.

    6. Ghostwriter

    A ghostwriter writes articles for someone but he doesn’t receive credit for the published work. Ghostwriting can be a source of good income but it leaves you unidentified because your employer takes the credit for your published articles.

    7. Resume Writer

    This type of writing is becoming in demand today because of the many job portals that emerge on the web today. The thousands of people who are looking for employment opportunities also contribute to the increasing demand for experienced and skilled resume writers.

    8. Copywriter

    Copywriting is the most rewarding yet one of the most challenging freelance writing jobs on the web. It usually deals with product promotion and sales, and it involves adherence to certain writing and formatting rules. There is huge demand for copywriters on the web today.

    These are some of the writing jobs that you can consider as a freelancer. They can help to generate extra income for you.


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