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    May 26 th, 2012
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    8 Website Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Websites and computers symbolize technology and advancement. They also signify speed, accuracy and reliability. People enjoyed this aspect of information technology, but they also played a part in the diminishing attention spans of web users.

    With the onset of modern technology, people have become impatient with websites that cannot perform to their expectations. With the presence of millions of websites and with the efficiency of modern search engines, searching for information has never been easier. This makes people unable to wait a minute longer for less-efficient websites to show what they can offer.

    The appearance, theme, navigability, content and speed of your website all play a direct role in its ability to generate traffic. It is therefore imperative that websites should be created to efficiently deliver information to users before they can decide to leave your site and click that “Back” button. With this in mind, it is important that you should avoid committing blunders that can contribute to the poor performance of your site. You should know them to prevent them from happening.

    Some of the most fatal website mistakes that you need to avoid include:

    1. It is company-centered.

    Websites are created for the consumption of your audience, and they are built for the ease and convenience of web users. You need to create your website with your audience in mind. Provide it with information that they want to know. This can help to make your site appealing to your targeted audience.

    2. It takes too long to load.

    There are certain factors that can contribute to the lagging speed of a website, but the most common contributor to it include i) slow data transfer speed of your web host and ii) your webpages might be overloaded with large files of images or videos.

    One of the best solutions to solve this problem is to transfer your site to a faster web hosting company.

    3. It has too much flash.

    Too much flash can slow down your website and it can prolong your site’s loading time.

    4. Poor website design.

    People have an innate sense of art in them, and most of them are annoyed at the sight of poorly designed or unattractive sites. If you are building a website, you should also consider its design.

    5. It is difficult to navigate.

    Users who feel that they are lost while they are navigating on your webpage will most likely decide to leave your site and transfer to one that is more user-friendly. Since websites are created for the convenience of their target audience, you should make it easy for the average user to navigate.

    6. Its pages are difficult to read.

    Color combination is important in making your web pages easy to read and easy on the eyes. The use of glaring color combinations can discourage visitors from reading your site’s contents. Be on the safe side by using simple color combinations such as black on white, etc.

    7. It is not updated.

    Websites that display the same content for several months become stale and it gives the impression that its owner is no longer interested in connecting with its audience. A site that stays the same for a long time loses traffic.

    8. It doesn’t have enough links from other sites.

    A website with a lot of backlinks or links from other sites is highly regarded by search engines. The amount of backlinks help to improve your site’s ranking in the search engines.

    Some of the ways to generate backlinks to your site include engaging in article marketing, blogging, participating in forums and social media marketing.


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