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    Dec 17 th, 2011
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    8 Video Marketing Tips to Attract Traffic

    The advent of multi media and the Internet has become the gateway for new marketing strategies. This includes video marketing, a form of content marketing which basically uses Video as a medium for marketing messages.

    The use of video to drive people towards a website or business has gained popularity. It gives people the advantage of viewing a presentation and listening to what is being said rather than reading an article abut the same topic. It requires lesser effort and time and it has the potential to deliver the same or better results. Here are a few marketing tips which can help you to attract traffic:

    1. Use music to engage your audience

    Make your videos more engaging by incorporating music with it. People can easily remember presentations with musical themes. It’s the very marketing principle used in television commercials to make products easy to remember.

    2. Get the help of popular personalities

    Popular people have a great influence on the masses. If you can get the help of someone popular, such as a celebrity to speak on your videos, it will greatly help to build your brand in record time.

    3. Publish your videos in popular video sites

    This can greatly help to enhance your exposure. Popular video sites such as YouTube get millions of viewers each day, and they can increase your potential to get more traffic.

    4. Promote your videos in your articles

    Promote your videos in your articles with the use of anchor text. Just see to it that your article and video topics are relevant to each other. This can help to reinforce your marketing campaign.

    5. Keep them short

    Your videos should be short enough to hold your viewer’s attention. Deliver your message in the shortest possible time. Most people on the web have little patience to watch videos that are too wordy.

    6. Keep them up to date

    You need to keep your videos updated to keep them up with the latest trends and the changing nature of the Internet. Videos that go with what’s “in” have greater potential to draw traffic than their “old fashioned” counterparts.

    7. Add humor

    People love it when they watch something that enhances their mood. Add a bit of humor to your videos. It can help to attract viewers.

    8. Promote them in social networking sites

    Social networking sites are a great platform to connect with people. Where there are people, there’s always good business. It’s the reason why online marketing is tapping with social networking sites to boost its potentials for traffic and sales.


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