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    Sep 7 th, 2012
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    7 Ways to Boost Writing Confidence

    Your writing is a reflection of your mind and personality. It allows other people to assess what you know about your topic. Most of the time, you feel the need to be at your very best because you wouldn’t want to produce less than perfect written pieces.

    Writing needs confidence. It takes a lot of courage to let your thoughts flow on written text and hope that someone would be interested enough to spend his time and attention on it.

    Lack of writing confidence can happen to anyone. Even people who make a living from it sometimes feel intimated to write. It can lead to other factors which can disable your creativity, and it can leave you staring at your computer screen and unable to conceive even the simplest idea about your topic.

    Here are some of the most common ways writers use to boost their writing confidence:

    1. Regular Practice

    Writing is a skill that you can improve through constant practice. Even other fields such as the arts, sports and music require people to practice constantly to make them excel at their craft which needs more than talent to perfect.

    You can develop your writing skill by:

    1.1 Writing freely for at least 10 minutes every morning;

    1.2 Doing different writing exercises in order to develop versatility;

    1.3 Giving special attention and working on the writing elements that you find challenging or difficult;

    1.4 Writing your weekly blog posts consistently; and

    1.5 Writing about anything that inspires you.

    2. Reading Widely

    Reading helps to enrich your vocabulary and improve your writing ability. It also lets you come across lots of authors and their writing styles. It can help to make you develop new writing techniques which you can add to your writing skills.

    3. Taking Time to Edit your Work.

    Do not force yourself to write if you don’t have the feel for it or if you find that you are stressed out to do it. But if things are working well and you have finished writing, you should take extra time to edit it. This will allow you to spot and correct awkward sentences, inappropriate words, typos and spelling mistakes.

    4. Getting Writing Lessons

    Getting writing lessons from different resources can help to improve your writing skills and boost your writing confidence. You can improve your writing abilities through:

    4.1 Blogs about writing where you can receive free writing lessons;

    4.2 Books that can improve your knowledge about your niche or subject matter;

    4.3 Writing eBooks and ecourses. They are available online and they can help to enhance your knowledge about good writing techniques;

    4.4 Writing conferences; and

    4.5 Degree programs. This is a sure way of getting extensive writing know how. It requires you to spend time and money, but it is an excellent and formal way to learn writing.

    These are some of the ways that can help to boost your writing confidence. Use them to create a spark that can help to keep your writing career going.


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