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    Feb 19 th, 2012
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    7 Video Marketing Tricks that Work

    Many people have realized the power of video as a cost-effective marketing tool. It’s a fact, only if you know how to make it work.

    If you want to want to go with the latest trend in online marketing, you should try using video. This will help you to explore a new market that has a huge potential to boost your revenue. Here are a few marketing tricks that can help to promote your business online:

    1. Be active.

    Video sharing sites like YouTube are virtual communities. Here, people with the same interests and passions group together to share their views, experiences, expertise and opinions. As a video marketer, you should make your presence felt by joining a group whose members share your passions. Post good comments on videos which are relevant to your niche. This will help to make you earn online friends and earn their trust in the process.

    2. Create videos that encourage people to share with their contacts.

    Videos that inform, entertain or help to solve its audience’s problems have the highest potential for distribution and sharing. Videos that contain valuable information encourage people to share it with their friends and contacts in other online communities.

    3. Offer value before selling anything.

    People don’t trust strangers that easy. You should establish a connection with your target audience by offering information that educates them or make them learn new things. This will help you to earn their trust. This will also help you to become believable when you promote your product as a solution to their needs and problems.

    4. Post new videos regularly.

    A video channel which is created to seriously cater to its potential customers is updated with at least one video per week. Just make sure that your new videos are exciting to make your prospects coming back for more.

    5. Promote your videos in social networking sites.

    One of the ways to make videos effective in reaching its target audience is by combining it with social media marketing. Once you have created video content for marketing, you need to promote it to your contacts in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Posting your videos to social networking sites is the easiest way to enhance their visibility.

    6. Optimize your video for the search engines.

    Search engine optimization is very important and you should consider it when making any form of content. This will help to enhance your exposure and improve your ranking in the search results page.

    Optimize your title by infusing keywords in your title, video description and channel name.

    7. Use interesting titles to attract viewer attention.

    People are attracted to interesting titles even when they want to watch videos. You must provide your video content with interesting titles to keep visitors coming.


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