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    Apr 3 rd, 2012
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    7 Tips to Improve Your Blog Traffic

    If you have built a blog and you have diligently added lots of content into it regularly but still you miss the traffic that you aim for, there could be something that you need to discover to make your web log visible on the web. People won’t visit your blog if they don’t even know that it exists.

    In this article, you will know the seven factors that can help to enhance your blog’s visibility and improve its ability to drive traffic. These are:

    1. Use the right blogging platform.

    The first thing you need to consider is the purpose of your web log, your blog theme, your target audience and the blogging platform that you will use. The best blogging platforms on the web today are Blogger, WordPress and TypePad. You can use any of them to host your content. Each of them contains features which are ready for your use, but if you are familiar with its codes, you are free to develop your own system.

    2. Post original content.

    Posts are the most important elements of a blog. They are the link that connects you to your audience.

    To establish connection with your prospects, you need to determine a niche that is interesting to them. You also need to regularly post content that is beneficial to them in many ways.

    Your posts should be original and relevant to your niche to make them interesting and meaningful to your readers. Do not post copied articles; they can affect your credibility not only to web users but to the search engines as well.

    Add images to your posts and add video to make them more appealing.

    3. Use blogroll and links.

    Links to other sites are very useful as they help to enhance your credibility. They also help to get your site indexed by search engines. When you build links, always see to it that the sites that you link to have higher page ranks than your blog. This can help to raise your rank.

    4. Encourage your readers to post comments.

    Comments are good indicators of audience participation. You should encourage your readers to post feedback on your posts. It can help you to determine if your topics are stimulating or lacking in appeal and substance.

    You can also use readers’ comments to know their questions and to determine what they want to know. You can also use them as your guide for your next postings.

    You should always respond to each of your commenters. It is a way of telling them that you are making them a part of your community.

    5. Share your content.

    To further enhance your blog’s exposure, you have to promote it on social sites every time you post new content to it. To make it possible, you have to open an account in popular social sites such Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit. Another way to share content is to submit your web log to RSS and blog directories.

    6. Invite guest bloggers to post on your blog.

    Another way to improve your blog traffic is to make friends with some bloggers and invite them to write posts on your blog. This can help to make some of your friend-blogger’s friends and followers visit your web log. Return the favor by offering to write some guest posts on his site.

    7. Optimize your content for the search engines.

    SEO or search engine optimization is a strategy that helps to make your web pages visible to the search engines. It employs the use of strategic keywords to ensure that your web page will get to the top page of the search results.

    These are some of the most common factors that can help to improve your blog traffic. There are other strategies that can help to enhance its visibility, but these tips can work to bring more visitors and potential customers to your site.


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