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    Oct 4 th, 2011
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    7 Things to Consider Before Submitting Articles to Directories

    Submitting articles to article directories is quite simple, yet many article writers and content providers find it complicated. Each article resource site has its own set of rules which you have to follow. Failure to follow these rules is the main reason why your articles are not accepted by the editors.

    Here are seven things that you should consider before submitting your articles to article directories:

    1. Link to your website

    Failure to include your link in the resource box of your article is a big mistake that works against you. You should remember that you are submitting your article to article directories so that readers who find your article interesting will just click on that link to get more information from your website. That link is your most important selling tool in the article directories.

    2. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes

    You should see to it that your articles are free from spelling and grammatical errors before submitting them to article directories. These mistakes could mean that the author of the article is not a pro.

    You can use an online grammar and spelling checker to ensure that your articles are perfect. You can then scan the article to spot mistakes which your checker was not able to detect.

    3. Read the rules and follow them

    Each article directory has established its own rules for submitting articles. You should know what these rules are before you submit your articles. Failure to follow these rules could result in your articles getting rejected.

    4. Your article title should stand alone in the subject header

    If you submit your articles by email, your title should be made to stand alone in the subject line of your message. If you put any other phrase such as “Article for Submission,” chances are your article will not get published.

    5. Format your articles to 65 characters per line

    The width of your lines matters to some article resource sites. Ideally, you should limit the width of your lines to 65 characters because this is the width acceptable to 95 percent of article directories.

    6. Autoresponders

    Some article directories require article submitters to make their articles available by autoresponders. You can get free autoresponders from

    7. Submit your article only once

    One very important thing you should remember is to avoid submitting the same article to article resource sites more than once. It’s a complete waste of time and this would get you into trouble with resource site editors.


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