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    Aug 26 th, 2011
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    7 Steps of Writing Credible Product Reviews

    More often than not, product reviews play an important role in a potential customer’s decision to buy a certain product.

    It is the primary obligation of the writer of the product review to provide his article with sufficient information about what a customer should look for in a new product.

    Some of the important items that you should specify in your review include the price information, ease of use, the item’s durability or estimated useful life, warranty and advantages or benefits of owning the product.

    Objectivity is an important aspect that your review must posses, and you must see to it that what you are saying in your review material are the actual attributes of the product. A review is some kind of reference to assure the prospective buyer that he’s getting value for his planned purchase.

    Here are a few pointers in making a good product review:

    1. Show the product

    Show the product by posting a photo of it along with your review content. Posting a video that demonstrates how to use the product would be a better option.

    2. Dedicate a paragraph that gives the product details, such as size, weight, dimensions, packaging, ease of use, installation, features and other information that the buyer might want to know. You should take note that the length of your product description will largely depend on the product that is the subject of your review.

    3. If the product is targeted for a specific group or types of people, specify it in a paragraph dedicated for this purpose.

    4. You should provide evidence that you have actually used the product. A detailed description of how the product is being used or by showing your picture actually using the product could do the job.

    5. Mention the product’s pros and cons. Most article reviewers think that writing only the positive aspects of the product can do well to promote it. On the contrary, reviews that contain purely positive findings create a sense of skepticism on the part of the buyer and it will lead him to think that the review is biased. A good presentation of the product pros and cons will greatly help the buyer in making an informed decision whether or not to make the purchase.

    6. Give ordering directions to guide your reader how to order should they decide to do so. Also tell them where the product can be purchased, or where to get the best deals.

    7. Always make it a point to include a few keywords or keyword phrases in your review. This will help to optimize your review article in the search engines. Your keywords should be as simple as any average person will type in the search box when they search for information about the product.


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