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    Dec 6 th, 2011
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    7 Reasons Why Blogs Lose Visitors or Subscribers

    Your blog is your doorway to the outside world. Online businesses create and maintain blogs to increase their online exposure, to expand their market and to create a relationship with their clients.

    Blogs are made to attract people. But sometimes, some blogs just lose their appeal to visitors and subscribers. This makes blog owners wonder what went wrong.

    Here are some of the possible reasons why blogs lose their visitors or subscribers:

    1. Too Many Posts

    Your subscriber’s times are valuable and reading too many posts at a time is too much for them to tackle. Posting too many posts in a day or week is not the best thing to do to serve your subscribers. They might be too occupied to read all of them and if your posts keep coming in, they might cancel their subscription.

    2. Infrequent or too little posts

    Infrequent posting can give your readers the impression that you are not serious about your business. It will also make them think that you have lost interest in them. People will cancel their subscription when they think that you have abandoned your blog.

    3. Poor Placement of RSS Feed Button

    People will simply leave and not subscribe to your blog if they cannot find your subscribe or RSS feed button, even if they like your content. You should make it easy for them to spot your RSS icon in order to attract subscribers. The most common places to find them are at the top of the page and at the end of every blog post.

    4. Poor Quality Content

    Content is king, except when its quality is spoiled by grammatical and spelling mistakes. People surf the web for information of value and quality. They are turned off with the ones which are plagued with typos and other errors which can easily be prevented.

    5. Comments are Not Allowed

    Blogs are interactive platforms which are made to build a relationship with its readers and followers. They are made to receive comments, opinions and suggestions from readers so that they can make better ways to give what their readers want.

    When you disable your blog’s comments feature, you are not allowing your readers to share their opinions. It can turn some of them away, thinking that you are not giving them some importance.

    6. Too Many Ads

    Blogs are intended to provide information. Readers are turned off by blogs that contain too many advertisements.

    7. Poor Design

    A blog which is poorly designed is hard to navigate. It is presented in glaring colors and complicated color combinations, and it uses fonts which are hard to read. You should avoid these as these can only turn your visitors away.


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