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    Apr 27 th, 2012
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    7 Principles of Effective Video Marketing

    Videos are making their way to the top of the online marketing industry. It is because they have a way of connecting to their audience in a way that is more engaging, more convenient and more personal than other media.

    But since people began to appreciate the value of videos in online communication, videos have flooded the web with each one vying for the attention of search engines and human users.

    Competition especially in online video marketing has naturally gone stiffer and video producers began to formulate strategies to put their videos above the rest.

    This has prompted online marketers to formulate these seven principles of effective online video marketing. The principles are:

    1. Don’t treat online video marketing as an optional approach to promote your business.

    Online video marketing is here to stay and it will stay for good. It is not a separate entity that you can use as an option. You should make it an integral part of your business.

    2. Focus more on your strategy rather than on technology or equipment.

    The use of advanced equipment does matter in the production of quality videos, but it can’t be used to measure the success of your marketing efforts. As an online marketer, you need to focus on effective strategies to connect with your prospects. This will increase your potential to see results.

    3. Outsource or delegate the job if necessary.

    Even if you are the best marketer on the planet, you have to admit that you can’t do everything by yourself. Give yourself and others a break by outsourcing or delegating the job to someone you trust.

    4. Provide good content.

    Content is the most important part of all files regardless of the method they were created with; it’s what people come for in the Internet. It conveys your message and it is the builder of your online credibility.

    The content that delivers results is the one that adds value to your site. It is clear and concise and it conveys information that is useful and informative.

    5. Build your brand.

    Video is the most transparent method of sending your message across to your prospects. It gives a face to a company, a brand and its creator or promoter. It is the better way to let people know you, to win their trust and to establish your credibility.

    6. Be consistent.

    Just like other forms of online marketing, video marketing cannot guarantee quick or immediate results. It is a long term effort that needs consistency. It takes time to establish a relationship, and you need to be consistent with your videos to win people over to your side.

    7. Define your intention.

    You have to clearly define your intention in order to convey your message effectively. It also gives you a way to let your viewers know what you want them to do after viewing your video.

    The basic concept of online marketing is to inform and educate. But it’s most important intention is to lead prospects to a higher level which includes opting in, registering for a free report, or making a purchase.

    You should point out a specific intention before you create a marketing video. It will give you a very good reason why you need to produce it in the first place.


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