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    Sep 7 th, 2012
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    7 Good Reasons why Writers Need a Blog

    Blogging has gone a long way since it started as a teen past time many years ago. It has become so useful nowadays that even businesses and professionals use blogs to promote their products and services or provide customer services to their clients.

    Almost any known subject in the world has a blog that talks about it today. People usually run to it to find useful information regarding its subject. It can really help to deliver a lot of benefits to its owner.

    As a writer, it is only imperative for you to own a blog. It can showcase your talent to employers. It also helps to hone your writing skills and let people know that you’re an expert.

    Here are seven good reasons why writers like you would need a blog:

    1. It helps to advertise your writing or editing services.

    A blog serves to make your business visible in the World Wide Web. It is a cost-effective way to advertise your service. Advertising can be very costly if it is done on other media like television and print. But if you create a blog and post optimized content on it, you will have a very good chance of attracting customers because it can serve as a show window of your talents and skills or the benefits of the products and services you offer.

    2. It can serve as a part of your portfolio for your prospects to see.

    Your blog is actually an extension of your resume in which you can write some details about your professional experience. Your blog posts can also serve as your writing samples for your prospective employers to assess.

    3. It allows prospective clients and employers to make an initial assessment of your personality.

    You blog can help to show your personality. This can give prospective employers and clients get a good grasp of what you are as a person.

    4. It allows you to connect with other writers and important people in your niche or field of interest.

    When you maintain a blog, you should also read the blogs of other writers who share the same interest or passion that you have. Blogs are interactive. They allow you to communicate or connect with other writers in your niche. They also enable you to interact with important people in the subject matter that you are writing about.

    5. It demonstrates your passion and knowledge about your niche.

    Your blog can tell your readers and prospective employers the degree of passion and knowledge that you have about your niche. It is one of the most important elements that employers are looking for in a writer.

    6. It helps to establish you as an authority in your niche.

    Your blog posts will show the passion and knowledge that you pour into your subject of interest. The depth and extent of information that you share can give your readers an impression that you are an expert on that topic.

    7. It is a venue where you can hone your writing and editing skills.

    It also helps you to develop other skills such as video content creation, guest posting, content distribution, social media networking, and interaction with your readers who post comments on your blog.

    A blog is a show window of your writing skills and knowledge about your subject. As a writer, you should build one to give your writing career a good boost.


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