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    Feb 3 rd, 2012
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    7 Factors that Help to Syndicate Your Articles

    The web is populated with millions of websites where your content appears like a drop of water in the ocean. It is near impossible to get them seen and read in the myriad of articles and sites that thrive in cyberspace. Their chance of getting found will not improve unless you distribute them to multiple locations.

    The process of distributing articles to other websites and making these available to their audience is called content syndication. This enhances your articles’ exposure to multiple online platforms and increases its potential to drive traffic and generate revenue.

    Content syndication can translate to a cost-effective form of product promotion and online marketing campaign.

    The most popular form of syndication is an RSS Feed. RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. It is used by the majority of Internet savvy people who want to keep themselves abreast of the latest updates of their favorite blogs or websites. It allows you to receive summaries of articles from websites that you have subscribed to, and it eliminates your need to manually go to those websites to get updates.

    You can subscribe to an RSS feed by clicking on the orange icon which is usually displayed at the upper right portion of your screen.

    Here are the seven factors that can help to syndicate your articles online:

    1. Quality Content

    Well-written content that provides information and value will attract the attention of other people who will publish the articles on their websites (with your permission).

    2. Article directories

    A majority of article directories have RSS feeds that facilitate easy distribution of articles that they publish. If your article happens to capture the interest of Ezine or newsletter publishers, they may pick it up for publication. People who sign up for the newsletter or Ezine are notified by email when a new article in their niche is published.

    3. Blogs

    Blogs which are built under the WordPress platform are equipped with a built-in RSS feed, and it automatically alerts the search engines when a new content is posted. People who subscribe to that blog’s RSS feed are likewise notified when a new article is posted.

    4. Social Bookmarking

    When you add social bookmarking widgets to your sites, you are actually making it easy for your readers to bookmark your articles.

    5. Social Media Websites

    Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become a favorite platform for video sharing content. Signing up with these sites will enable you to alert your contacts about your new article and its accompanying link.

    6. Videos and Podcasts

    Converting your articles into videos or podcasts can help to syndicate them in another platform and a different audience base. This can help to create additional exposure for your article and website.

    These are some of the factors that can help to syndicate your content. Their benefits do not happen overnight, but if you are consistent with them, you will be able to see positive results which include:

    1. It simplifies content distribution;

    2. It helps to build incoming links;

    3. It helps to increase your online visibility;

    4. It helps to make you reach a wider audience;

    5. It helps to build a good relationship with your subscribers.


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