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    Nov 24 th, 2011
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    7 Factors of Quality Content

    Content is king, but it won’t stand without quality.

    Quality is one of the most important factors that make content serve its purpose in the World Wide Web.

    Here are the seven factors of quality content. These are the attributes that your content should have in order to make your website attractive and worthy of your visitors’ attention:

    1. Your passion as the author

    Your passion in the topic you are writing about does have the ability to arouse your readers’ interest. It will show by your knowledge and the amount of valuable information and insight that you share with your audience.

    2. Your understanding of the topic

    Your understanding of the subject matter at hand can help to persuade your readers to stay. People surf the web for information because they want to be educated with the help of the Internet. This is the reason why you should understand your topic. This can help to build your credibility as an author.

    3. Your responsibility as an author

    Lies, gossip, speculation and slander are some of the things that you should avoid when writing content. The World Wide Web is a global stage where your character is at stake when you publish anything. You should write responsibly by placing your go at the backseat. State the facts; people want these more than your own opinions.

    4. Your poise as the author

    Content is primarily created to convey valuable and informative messages which are intended to help and educate rather than embarrass, berate or put others down. As an author, you can keep your poise by staying focused on the topic without provoking your reader to anger or embarrassment.

    5. Your objectivity as the author

    Good content dictates that you should state facts and it follows that you should also be objective when presenting them to your audience.

    6. Your sincerity as the author

    Being sincere can help to make you credible, and credibility can help to build trust. Be sincere in your content by speaking to your readers as a true friend.

    7. Educational

    People surf the web for information that can educate them. Your content should be able to help enrich your readers’ knowledge base because it is what they came to your site for.

    These are the seven important attributes of quality content. Use them to produce content your site visitors would love to read.


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