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    Nov 16 th, 2011
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    7 Factors of Effective Copywriting

    Copywriting is a skill that anyone with basic writing talents can master with consistent practice. But practice is not all it takes to make copywriting a success because there are certain factors that copywriters should know in order to make his copy effective.

    Here are the seven factors of effective copywriting:

    1. The quality of the product or service

    Your success as a copywriter does not depend on your writing skills alone. There is another element which can help to build up a writer’s reputation and credibility, and that’s the quality of the product or service that you promote.

    A copywriter that accepts any project that comes along without considering the quality of the product is bound to lose his credibility if the product cannot deliver what his copy promises.

    It is always good to ensure the quality of a product or service before promoting it. It’s a very sensitive market and your reputation and credibility rest on each product that you sell.

    2. A good understanding of what the target market wants

    A good understanding of the wants and desires of your target market can help you to connect with your prospects in the emotional sense. You should know your target market so that you will be able to write copies that can address their needs and deepest desires.

    3. Exhaustive market research

    A thorough knowledge and understanding of your target market is the result of an extensive research. Understanding your target market is the only way to effectively connect with them through your sales copy.

    You should spend sufficient time to know your target market.

    4. Details of your product features, figures and facts

    A detailed list of your product features can help to make your prospects understand what they need to make their lives easier. If you know your target market, you will have a good understanding of their needs. Your research can provide you with figures and facts which can help to make your product a solution to their problems.

    5. Benefits

    As a copywriter, you should know that when you sell, the very first question that comes to your prospect’s mind is “what’s in it for me?”

    You should be able to answer this by listing all the benefits that they can get out of your product.

    6. Call to action

    A compelling call to action is a necessary element that motivates your prospect to make a decision to buy now! Your copy should have a sense of urgency or an offer of limited opportunity to turn your reader into a buying customer.

    7. Guarantee

    A guarantee is an indication of your trust and confidence that your product can deliver what you promise. Show this to your prospects by offering a money-back-guarantee should they find your product unsatisfactory. This can help to convince your prospects that their investment is safe.


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