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    Nov 14 th, 2011
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    7 Effective Ways to Promote YouTube Videos

    Video articles have lesser competition than written articles. This is one of the reasons why it is a lot easier to rank higher in search engines with videos than written content. Videos are also more advantageous because it only takes about three to five minutes long. It takes less time to create and view videos than to write or read articles.

    Here are seven ways to promote YouTube videos:

    1. Optimize them for search engines

    When you upload you video on YouTube, you will be asked to provide its title and description. You can utilize this to optimize your video for the search engines by including your main keywords in the title and description tags. One important thing that you should include in the first sentence of your description is your main URL. This will serve as a quality backlink for your website.

    2. Upload your video to other video sharing sites

    Expose your video to a wider audience base by uploading them to other video sharing sites such as Metacafe, Yahoo! Video, Vimeo and Videojug.

    3. Get backlinks

    A majority of search engines recognize quality and quantity of links as bases for their rankings. You can help to improve the ranking of your video by promoting your video URL, writing about its content in your blog and embedding the video your blogpost. But you have to see to it that your keywords are infused in your content so that the search engines can index your post accordingly.

    4. Guest posts

    Some popular blogs allow other bloggers to post articles into their blogs as guests. Offer to write for these blogs as guest and once you are given the permission, don’t forget to infuse a link to your video within your article.

    5. Article directories

    You can also increase the exposure of your videos by submitting articles to popular article directories such as ezinearticles and including a link to your video in the resource box. By submitting your articles to multiple article directories, you are actually exposing your video to a wider audience base and its chances of getting quality backlinks are improved.

    6. Social media

    Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are places where you can share your video with friends and their contacts. Use these sites to notify other people about your new video. This is one way of getting backlinks which can also help in raising your rankings.

    7. Google+

    According to Google, Google+ can help to improve your rankings when you add its icon to your blog as it can help to encourage your readers to plus your videos.

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