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    Mar 9 th, 2012
    Article Rewriting No Comments

    7 Easy Steps to Rewrite Articles

    Rewriting articles is a smart and time-saving move to re-package old articles or Private Label Rights content and publish them in your blog or website as unique content.

    Rewriting articles can help a lot. Firstly, it gives you a chance to use a new set of key phrases to attract search engines. Secondly, it helps you to avoid publishing duplicate content especially if you are submitting the articles to article directories, and thirdly, you are giving your audience a unique article with quality content.

    The articles you publish in your blog should not be exactly the same as the articles you submit to article directories. You need to rewrite the content that you publish on your site before submitting them to article directories. It can help to give you a better exposure to the search engines.

    Here a few steps to follow when rewriting articles:

    1. After writing your article, rewrite it immediately while your ideas are still fresh in your mind. It is easier to find alternatives if your original concept is still intact.

    2. Rewrite paragraph by paragraph without losing focus on the idea that each one intends to present. Avoid using synonyms to replace each word in every sentence; it’s not the real concept of rewriting.

    3. Use your unused keywords in your new article. They can help to enhance your search-friendliness.

    4. Change an entire paragraph to give your article a fresh new look, but then again, strive not to stray away from its original idea.

    5. If you have time, change all paragraphs. Try to create at least two versions of each paragraph to produce many unique articles. Search engines will love to index them all for your advantage.

    6. Do not rely on article spinning software that randomly replaces words with synonyms. It can’t give you the quality that you expect.

    7. Check your work for uniqueness. Use a good comparison tool to determine the originality of your re-written content. Strive to make your rewrites at least 75 percent unique. It can help to give your articles a better impact with both humans and search engines.


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