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    Apr 25 th, 2012
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    6 Ways to Use Private Label Rights Articles

    Private Label Rights (PLR) articles are involved in a lot of discussions ever since they were introduced in the online article marketing industry.

    PLR articles are topical articles that are sold in packages and once you buy them, you can use them and publish them as your own.

    A lot of people are not quite in favor of the use of PLRs and they have good reasons for it, but many find them very useful for their content needs, also for good reasons.

    This issue is still a subject of controversy and debate among the people in the World Wide Web, and while no resolution has been made to address it, people continue to use PLRs for their businesses.

    Here are some of the ways to use private label rights articles:

    1. You can use them as content for your blog.

    PLR articles can make great content for your blog. You can save time with it because the need for research has been eliminated. You only need to rewrite them to make them unique and to avoid producing duplicate content.

    2. You can use them as content for your newsletter.

    Sending newsletters to your prospects is one great way to build a relationship with them. Writing newsletters can be time-consuming if you write them from scratch.

    Using PLRs as content for your newsletters is a good option. You just have to edit them a bit to inject your own voice into it.

    You don’t actually need to use the entire PLR for your newsletter. You can drop any particular section that you wish to exclude, if you wish to.

    3. You can use them as content for your ecourse.

    PLRs are sold in packages with a single theme for each bundle. If you’re planning to put up an ecourse for your audience, simply add them to your autoresponder and they’re ready to go.

    4. You can use them as inspiration for your podcast.

    A PLR article can become a good inspiration that can help to open your mind to greater ideas for your podcast.

    5. You can use them as content for your free report.

    Direct mailing requires a lot of work and effort. You can lessen these by putting together a bunch of PLR articles to assemble a free report for your prospects.

    6. You can use it as content for your special report.

    Since PLRs are packed on a per topic basis, it would be easy to put them together to create a special report. To do it, you have to put the articles together in a single word processing file, rearrange them to make their ideas flow smoothly. Edit and proofread the finished article, then save it and convert it into a pdf file. The pdf file will be your final output that you’ll be giving away to your visitors.

    Private label rights articles are quite useful despite the issues that they are getting these days. But to ensure that you will get the utmost benefit from them, you should be selective of the PLR providers that you have to deal with.

    Choose the ones that offer high quality information and workmanship – and with a little tweak, you’ll be proud to call it your own.


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