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    May 18 th, 2012
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    6 Ways to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

    Copywriting is the process of writing text for the purpose of building up or advertising a product, a person or an idea. It is a skill that is most often used in marketing and it is intended to win the trust of its target audience.

    Since copywriting is about advertising, it needs to be done professionally in order to attract the interest of its readers. And one of the most important things to make it happen is to observe simple rules and to apply techniques that most effective copywriters do.

    You too can produce effective copies by enhancing your copywriting abilities. Here are simple ways that can help to improve your copywriting skills:

    1. Minimize the use of verbs is, are and be in declarative sentences.

    In copywriting, sentence structure matters greatly and it can spell the difference between the good and the effective copywriter. So, instead of saying “There is only one product that can create a sparkle in your homes,” say “Only one product can create a sparkle in your home.”

    In the same manner, instead of saying “We will be launching the product in Tokyo in June,” say “We will launch the product in Tokyo in June.”

    2. Emphasize details and beware of modifiers.

    Winning trust involves conveying accurate information, and that’s what copywriting intends to do. People will know that you know your product if you provide them with details which are based on tests or research. Using vague modifiers such as several, many, virtually, about or approximately cannot help to make your copy convincing enough to win people’s trust.

    3. Avoid doublespeak, use single verbs.

    Using two verbs that mean the same thing does not make the sentence more meaningful. So, instead of saying “Your PC was operating and running normally when I came,” say “Your PC was running normally when I came.” Use single verbs to avoid doublespeak.

    4. Use varying sentence lengths.

    Start your copy with short or medium-length sentences. Follow it up with long then short sentences to make some variations. Using sentences of the same length makes your copy boring.

    5. Break long, compound sentences into shorter ones.

    The use of long compound sentences in a copy makes it uninteresting and difficult to understand. It defeats the readability of your manuscript.

    Leaving your reader with no breathing space between words can compel them to leave your site and find another that can offer them information that is easier to understand.

    6. Avoid redundancy.

    Using two words to stress the same point is actually pointless in copywriting. Words like “vital essentials,” “actions and behaviors” or “totally finished” don’t help to keep your reader engaged.


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