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    Feb 23 rd, 2012
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    6 Tips to Gain Writing Speed

    If you are a freelance article or eBook writer, writing speed matters to you because it is one of the determining factors of your income and turn around time. You can also use it as a measure for your productivity and skill level. Here are a few tips that can help you to gain writing speed.

    1. Find a comfortable place to write.

    Your comfort is one of the factors that determine your capability to write well and fast. You can easily stimulate your creative juices to flow if you work in well lighted, well ventilated room equipped with a spacious desk and a comfortable chair to sit on. Be sure that your physical files, books, references and other materials are organized neatly. Avoid clutter and always practice housekeeping in your “office.”

    2. Avoid distractions.

    Distractions are every writer’s worst enemies. You can never gain writing momentum if you are bothered by noise, visitors or other things that can divide your attention like a baby to take care of, children running around, and other chores. It is actually difficult to completely eliminate distractions but you have to try to reduce or avoid them so that you can write efficiently.

    3. Improve your typing speed.

    As a writer, typing speed and accuracy are important because they allow you to quickly put your ideas into text. If your typing speed is less than fifty words per minute, you should strive to improve it so that your typing can match with your thinking speed.

    4. Prepare outlines for your articles.

    Making outlines is an important factor in your ability to write fast. By dividing your article into five major parts such as the headline, the introduction, the article body, the conclusion and the resource box, you will be able to determine what to write into them to make your article whole and interesting.

    When you develop an outline, you should think of a summarizing sentence that presents the central idea of your article. It will help you to express your point of view towards your subject.

    5. Use a word processor with a spell check feature.

    A word processor with a spell checker is without doubt, one of the most important factors that can help to improve your writing speed. Programs such as Microsoft Word, has a spell check feature that checks the spelling as you type. It highlights misspelled words, making them easier to spot and edit later on.

    6. Get enough sleep and avoid getting hungry.

    As a writer you need enough sleep to rest your mind and eyes. This will help to protect you from burnout and mental block.

    Your brain becomes foggy when it is not well rested. It won’t also work if you don’t keep it energized and nourished with foods. Every writer should avoid getting hungry as it can hamper his ability to think.


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