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    May 3 rd, 2012
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    6 Important Facts You Should Know About SEO

    Search engine optimization or SEO is a byword in the Internet industry. It is one of the most popular terms shared by webmasters, web designers, website owners, content providers, and Internet marketers. All of them are looking for ways to improve their websites’ ranking and visibility.

    Because of search engine optimization, many SEO companies have sprouted, and all of them are asserting that their tactics can bring your site to its maximum potential.

    Although this is not impossible, it is good to know that SEO is just a strategy to make your site more visible. It doesn’t have the power to attract and engage potential customers.

    Search engine optimization is not an independent system. It has to abide with specific quality guidelines to protect your site from getting penalized by search engines.

    Here are some important facts about SEO that you need to know:

    1. It can’t cheat the system.

    Aside from the Penguin update that keeps an eye on unprincipled websites, Google and the other search engines have hundreds of employees whose main task is to see to it that nobody can cheat its system with black hat SEO.

    You should not fall for people who promise to increase your rankings with unauthorized SEO techniques otherwise your website will suffer the consequences.

    2. You don’t need to stuff your web pages with keywords to get noticed.

    A few profitable keywords that are placed in strategic areas of your content can bring your site to the top. Just make sure that your keywords or keyword phrases are highly relevant to your business and that they are popular with your target audience. The right keywords can lead the right audience to the right website website.

    3. Use clean code to make your site search engine friendly.

    Search engine friendly websites are the ones that are built with human-readable HTML. It makes your site search engine friendly because search engine spiders have the capability to read and index HTML.

    4. Use keywords to represent links.

    Using keywords to represent links is an effective SEO technique as search engines are giving much weight to links on your website. The use of the old ‘click here’ tag has become impractical because it does not support SEO.

    5. Equip your website with a sitemap.

    A sitemap is primarily intended for humans because it shows the structure or ‘plot’ of your website. But it is also used by search engines spiders to know how your website operates. Submit your sitemap to Google as an xml file to enhance your SEO.

    6. You should design your website for humans and not for the search engines.

    Make your site search engine friendly by filling it with content that is appealing to humans. Humans are the ones looking for information, and search engines are only tools that make it easier for people to find the information they want.

    It’s useless to apply SEO on your site if it can’t attract human interest; search engines can do nothing to make it profitable.


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