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    Aug 15 th, 2012
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    6 Factors that Make Social Media an Effective Business Platform

    Making sales is one of the main objectives of any business. It is the reason why people are devising various business strategies to get leads, identify prospects and conduct promotional strategies.

    The same is true with online businesses. Even though the World Wide Web is just a virtual market, all online marketers are aware that visibility is highly considered in their effort to generate income.

    In the online market, one of the biggest contributors to product visibility is the social media. It is the modern day approach of promoting products or services from one household to another. Here are six factors that make social media a very effective business platform:

    1. Scarcity

    If your brand is already known for its quality and beneficial uses, you can you take advantage of this factor to generate more sales with the help of the social media.

    Twitter and Facebook are two social networking sites where you can run limited offers of your product. Limited special offers give your prospects and customers a good reason to make a purchase. It is an effective strategy to generate more sales and improve the visibility of your product.

    2. Reciprocity

    Make your customers and users of your product feel important by monitoring what people are saying about your product in the social media. Take time to answer their questions and interact with them in a positive way. Give them important links about your product and let them feel that you are helping them. After all, these people are your audience and they are going to patronize your product if they can see its benefits.

    3. Consistency

    Being involved with the social media is an important part of your business. Remember, it is a great market with unlimited potentials to make your business grow. You should make your social media presence felt by the people here not just once or twice but at all times.

    4. Authority

    Being able to know and to give answers to people’s concerns about your niche or product can establish you as an authority on your subject. People want to find someone they can trust. If you are able to provide solutions to their problems, they will surely consider you as a leader in your industry. One of the best ways that you can use to do this is to build a blog where you can lead your social media friends for answers to their concerns.

    5. Testimonials

    Testimonials from satisfied users are proofs of your product’s beneficial uses. You should provide incentives and rewards to your social media friends who openly commend your product in social networking sites. This type of comments can always help to increase your sales and number of customers.

    6. Shareable Content

    Content that is useful, interesting, entertaining and shareable can easily become viral in social media. You should strive to create content that people will like their friends to know. By creating shareable content, you are actually making people help you to increase your exposure and visibility.

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