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    Sep 1 st, 2011
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    6 Characteristics of Effective Content

    Content is king. It dominates the superhighway of information where millions of people come and go everyday. It is content which keeps the Internet moving.

    Information is what the web is all about. It is the meat and potatoes that make a website enticing. Content is what every website offers to its visitors, and potential customers in order to create business opportunities. The effectiveness of content to attract visitors and keep them coming back is a determining factor in the success of a website.

    Whatever type of content a website has as long as it is legal, moral and consistently drives multitudes into its portal, that’s success in professional and financial terms.

    Being informative and useful is what makes content worthy of being put online. After all, it’s what people are looking. If it can not answer the reader’s question of “what’s in it for me?” it is not worth publishing at all.

    Content naturally reflects your personality as the author. It should be reader-centered as it is created to provide answers to their questions. It should also be presented in simple terms to facilitate understanding, continued interest and a relationship.

    Here are some characteristics of effective content that you should know:

    1. It is unique

    Content should be unique, it should not be a copy of any content taken from another website. Aside from being illegal, copying content can also negatively affect your website’s standing in the search engines.

    2. It is free

    People are normally attracted to the word “free.” Offering free information is like leaving your door open for everyone to come in and see what’s in there for them.

    3. It is relevant

    The relevance of content to the niche of you website indicates that you know your subject matter very well. You should only post content which are relevant. This will help build you up as an expert in your subject.

    4. Its quality is high

    People are very particular about quality even on the web. Quality creates trust as well as it beats competition.

    5. It is useful Content becomes effective if it is also useful to the readers. It should provide value, education and answers to your readers’ questions and needs.

    6. It is fresh

    People are always on the lookout for what’s new; they don’t want recycled information. Provide your website with fresh quality content on a regular basis and your readers will become your followers. Fresh content is an attraction not only to readers but to search engines as well. It can help to improve your SEO.


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